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? >> in a word, the indications are drought. in malaysia, the world's is top producers of palm oil receive less than two inches of rain in the first three months of the year in some areas. that is the driest spell for the area since 1997. the dry conditions actually stressed palm fruit, which are crushed to make palm oil. some meteorologist project el niÑo may occur as early as july, parsed even more farms in australia, further reducing the palm oil supplies. qwest the dreaded el niÑo strike forhat could this mean prices and palm oil? >> concerns about tighter supplies and cost rising demand sent palm oil futures to an 18 month high in march. increasing costs for top importers, india and china. all models survey by the australia bureau of meteorology indicates el niÑo is likely this year. he outlook is not good. goldman sachs listed palm oil among the most vulnerable crops should an el niÑo event occur. >> if prices for palm oil do stay high, i assume some companies hedge for this kind of thing. what kind of impact could they have on the bottom line? >> it will be an impact, it sounds like,
this came out and now the rest of the world knows about it. >> the president talked about malaysia. we see how big of an issue this is. on a positive side, this is sports. everyone wants to be heard. the fans are the alternate arbiters. bob iger said he will still go to the games and support the players. what is the responsibility of fans? >> fans are to speak out. this is such a damaging blow to the players. sterling pulled the plug on a hand grenade and now it has exploded. what do you do? even doc rivers said i do not know how to handle this. do the players have out? are there clauses where they say i will not play for this guy anymore and get out. there guys can believe, is a lot of conversation behind closed doors and law offices all across the country for players, owners, league officials, broadcast organizations and sponsors to answer the questions. this is unchartered territory. this is raised. it is basketball, but this is race in a heavily black sport. firestorm of debate. hopefully it will move in a right direction. >> the sba -- nba will go on, but in terms of the clippers, how
of the moment, things like racism in arizona, issues of searching for planes in malaysia in the indian ocean. it is an interesting study on the news media, the sports media, etc., but as a business matter, it seems to me, it is too early to tell what the ultimate impact of all of this is going to be. it is one of these small incidents that has mushroomed into a large incident. i will say, sports leagues are pretty adept at crisis management and damage control. that is one of the core competencies of the sports league. you are always dealing with player fines, coaches misbehaving, issues of particular calls and the like. clearly, this is a bigger issue than the every day, but you look at what the nba has had to deal with in recent years -- you had the refereeing matter, which went to the core of the legitimacy of the game. >> we are hearing now from more sponsors who apparently think it is a bigger issue. virgin america just announced that they will withdraw their support from the clippers. i also have that statement from carmax calling sterling's views completely unacceptable and that they d
a global issue. the president of the united states does a press conference in malaysia and mentions adam silver and the nba, this is no longer a black-and-white issue, this is a green issue. they are a global brand. companies are voting with their pocketbooks and moving away from what the reprehensible thought pattern was of donald sterling. the positive is that by tomorrow night's game in l.a., adam silver and the nba, the players association, the sponsor community him and all those people in the nba community have to get together and make a very strong statement, moving away from donald sterling has represented. >> what are your sources telling you is actually going to happen? >> it's going to have to be a strong statement, obviously. everybody is going to be watching this. he has had such a small amount of time to figure this out. huddledas probably been with bloggers and there are a lot of legal implications. >> by the way, this is a guy who is new to the job. this could be his defining moment. he -- how to see as the new commissioner of the nba handle it? is dealing not only with th
moved from japan to korea to malaysia to the philippines. has this been successful? trip,s is a dual track you sure your alliances and i feel that they have been successful on this front. but this entire trip was somewhat about beijing as well. they have made strong statements about china and you have not seen china react all that negatively. very goodals feel about this but missing is a trade deal, they did not make any major trade deal and that may be of concern. >> traveling with the president in the philippines, adam? >> bill gates and mark zuckerberg had two things in common. change the world and dropped out of harvard. harvard is saying no more. you spirit a lot of early are looking- you for the one percent of the one percent. what sets those people apart? >> it has to do with their talent. the record of harvard speaks for itself. we have eight u.s. presidents and 16 nobel laureates, and the birth of the venture capital industry as a whole. it started as research and development in the 1960's. field creates this fund, leave harvard and we will give you $100,000, go to -- talk a
malaysia and aircraft, the president listening to what is being said in manila. he has been talking about the situation vis-À-vis russia. pfizer has confirmed a possible offer for astrazeneca. with more on that story, manus cranny and sam from bloomberg industries. let's start with you, sam. what do we know at this point and what don't we know? >> we know that pfizer made an approach in january. on the 16th of april, they came back again. as you and i were talking last week after the novartis -glaxosmithkline deal, that might have tweaked their interest again. there are many other regions where pfizer would be interested in an astrazeneca. that is what we know so far. we know what price they suggested in january. 46.61 pence. the rest is open to speculation going forward until may 26, when they have to make a formal decision. >> the reason it is going to happen in this way is that an offer was made. now we have to deal with takeover law, which makes things more complicated. >> it does. in some ways, it is quite a good thing. it means that our pay levels in terms of -- i do not know wheth
malaysia airlines jet will never be recovered. searches for the plane have been canceled with authorities pointing to a new underwater operation. president obama has just arrived in the philippines. he will be in manila for a state visit. the u.s. and philippines have reached a 10 year pact that would allow a larger american military presence in the southeast asian nation. >> back with us now, michael o'sullivan. thank you very much for sticking with us. let's talk about some of the m&a activity and whether that is featuring on your radar. theyou exposed to any of drug companies at the center of all this takeover talk? >> very much so. we have seven top ideas for the year ahead. one of those is copper cash. at three biotech companies, some of the mining companies. think that the pace of this is beginning to pick up. you are seeing some of the big companies. we had novartis a week or so ago looking to use some of the cash pile they have beyond their jurisdiction. trying to clean up the balance sheet. focus degree of strategic coming into some of the big multinationals. >> is that what the
visited malaysia? almost 50 years. so this visit is significant. it comes at a time when the transpacific trade accord, the tpp, is being negotiated. it is crucial that obama get support from malaysia as some consider as a swing state. malaysia has more outstanding tpp issues than other countries in the talks. while in malaysia, the american thatdent reassured allies the u.s. will carry through its obligations. it also sent out a note to portion. >> we don't seek on select. we seek to keep the peace. we want a future where disputes are resolved peacefully and we're -- and where bigger nations don't bully smaller nations. all nations are equal in the eyes of international law. >> has we've been saying here as well, the president is on his way to the philippines. what is on his agenda there? it seems security, front and center. >> definitely security. obama heads to the philippines with plans for a stronger military alliance. be achieved to their cap the expectation that the two countries will sign an bigs -- an agreement to counter the china dispute in the south china sea. is tree-bound to
is continuing its gains. as the demand. malaysia getting under way. president obama leaving and flies to manila later on this afternoon. so we'll continue to watch that closely. i mention it had safe haven trade let's quickly chick in on some things we're watching. there we go. gold above 1300 back about 1300 n ounce yet again. anaheim ex crude here. just a tad below 100. u.s. dollar, don't let it fool you when it's green that means the yen is stronger. so that's what the happening. a lot of macro concerns over the tensions in ukraine. >> thanks. let's take a look at toyota now because it's set to move its u.s. headquarters from california to somewhere near dallas. >> all about costs. so if you take a look, attorneys -- torns california known as second to detroit as the u.s. auto manufacturing hub. many of the companies honda, hundred ay, kia, have operations in california. they don't have operations in texas. so it is an unusual move. there are 5300 employees that work in the torns, california office. the relocation is set to happen outside of dallas. retention will be an issue. >> they had th
obama wraps up his visit to malaysia today. the third stop of his four country tour of asia. it later on he flies to the philippines before heading home. here.iengles is -- you would spec expect a lot of these issues across security, economics, getting involved with internal politics as well. three things i want to stress. both the u.s. and malaysia are trying to deepen the economic ties. at the heart of this is the tp . the trade minister actually admitted that malaysia have more outstanding issues than any other country. the issues are complex. as the prime minister pointed out, both countries are committed to resolving these issues. president obama was asked during a press conference why he was not visiting the opposition leader. he said usually when he visits countries they do not spend a lot of time with the opposition. he was concerned but acknowledges progress coming from malaysia. security is a third point i want to make. president obama warned against bullying. >> america has the strongest military in the world but we do not speak conflict. we speak to keep the peace. we want
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)